Participate in the production of olive oil, from picking fruits to the final product

Following the tradition on Dalmatian islands, we harvest olives in October, when the fruit is healthy and has the right degree of maturity for production of extra virgin olive oil. Picking olives on the island Brač has always been done manually, along with good entertainment and music, which is still practiced on the eco-farm Bračka Perla.

Olives from our olive groves are grown traditionally, in a natural way, without pesticides and fertilizers, and olive processing is done in our own facility, immediately after the harvest.

Our own facility guarantees quality and control of food produced at eco-farm. Processed oil is divided in oil produced out of black or green olives and mixed olive oil, containing both black and green olives. Our olive oil is processed only once (it’s obtained after the first pressing of raw materials), and therefore it’s in the category of extra virgin olive oil.

This type of olive oil is dark green, and is the best and most appreciated among the olive oils.