Hotel Bra?ka Perla

Hotel Bra?ka Perla

Book a luxury suite accommodation in Supetar, on the island of Bra? Hotel accommodation Bra?ka Perla in Supetar, on the island of Bra?, offers: 6 fascinating suites...

Free trip to Croatia

Free trip to Croatia

Bra?ka Perla Hotel and the Maritime Company Blue Line International Bra?ka Perla Hotel and the Maritime Company Blue Line International have prepared a very special offer...


Production of organic food doesn't pollute neither soil nor water

Organically grown food has surpassingly better and more natural taste, because it comes fresher to the market. Besides preserving human health, unquestionable advantage of eco-food is also preserving environment, because this kind of production pollutes neither the soil, nor the water.

The most important feature of organic farming is that it prohibits the use of most mineral fertilizers and nearly all pesticides, and the use of genetically modified organisms and all products containing their components is also forbidden.

In organic production, chemical fertilizers are replaced by organic fertilizers, and the weed is removed mechanically.

Instead of using pesticides, organic farming maintains more plant and animal species together, because in this way the emersion of pests is reduced. Organic farming also increases natural resistance of plants, which acts as a prevention against pests and diseases.

So as prevention, and also for the plant treatment, we use organic products based on aromatic herbs, propolis, oils, soaps, etc., and the plants treated with such preparations have more luxuriant foliage and richer yields of better quality.

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