Hotel Bra?ka Perla

Hotel Bra?ka Perla

Book a luxury suite accommodation in Supetar, on the island of Bra? Hotel accommodation Bra?ka Perla in Supetar, on the island of Bra?, offers: 6 fascinating suites...

Free trip to Croatia

Free trip to Croatia

Bra?ka Perla Hotel and the Maritime Company Blue Line International Bra?ka Perla Hotel and the Maritime Company Blue Line International have prepared a very special offer...


Participate in the livestock programme of the agro resort

Fauna on the island Bra? is rich and interesting, although at first sight less noticeable than flora.

Among domestic animals, the most notable are goats, by which was island Bra? praised back in ancient times. An important economic role for centuries have had sheep, whose milk is used for manufacturing famous cheese in the inland villages of the island Bra?.

By the island's side roads and paths, one can often see horses, and you will especially be pleasantly surprised if you see half-wild horses on the wealds on the eastern part of island, that live freely in groups. It is interesting, that the owners themselves let them to the weald to live in groups, in periods when they don't use them as assistance in the fields.

Apart from horses, on the island Bra? you will often see mules and hinnies, hybrids of a horse and a donkey.

Other mammals that live in the island's countryside are house and field mouse, dormouse, rabbit and the beech marten.

Through the program of Agro resort, you can feed the animals on the farm, and observe or participate in the daily works. Livestock section provides us with fresh and high quality food, such are eggs and cheese, which you can consume in the hotel and the eco-farm.

Chicken breed "hrvatica" is raised in 3 main types, which differ by the colour of feathers: black, red and gold. This chicken breed has an outstanding resistance to diseases, and is characterized by exceptional care for the offspring, good quality and quantity of eggs and good meat quality.

Sheep breed "pramenka" is adapted to the specific conditions of pasture in cragged areas, and is primarily oriented on milk production.

Donkey is an essential part of the island life in Dalmatia. Until recently, the farmers couldn’t even imagine working in the field without a donkey, but in today's modern times, a donkey is no longer needed as before, when it was an irreplaceable helper on heavy and karstic pathways. In fables and fairy tales, a donkey (also called "ass") is stubborn and often stupid animal. Here lies the origin of the word "ass" used in a derogatory sense, although the question is how this animal, which once was an indispensable worker, can be called stubborn and lazy.
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