Hotel Bra?ka Perla

Hotel Bra?ka Perla

Book a luxury suite accommodation in Supetar, on the island of Bra? Hotel accommodation Bra?ka Perla in Supetar, on the island of Bra?, offers: 6 fascinating suites...

Free trip to Croatia

Free trip to Croatia

Bra?ka Perla Hotel and the Maritime Company Blue Line International Bra?ka Perla Hotel and the Maritime Company Blue Line International have prepared a very special offer...


Participate in the production of olive oil, from picking fruits to the final product

Our oil mill is characterized by the latest technology for processing olives. Through oil mill program, you can participate in the process of olive oil production, from picking fruits to the final product. Participants in the program, besides entertainment and traditional snacks at the end of the training, can take with them olive oil that they produced themselves.

All products are subject to the strict rules of organic farming.

When the Croats arrived to the island Bra?, they found a well-rooted olive cultivation and olive oil production. However, they were more bound to the grapevine, goats and sheep, because they didnít know olive in their country of origin. As the laws of the Republic of Venice regulated the planting of olive trees (they even regulated penalties for those who damage the olive tree, and a condition for marrying a lad was to plant 100 olive trees), between 16th and 19th century Bra? became an olive superpower. This led to a number of around three million (which was the count of olive trees on Bra? in the mid 19th century), so olive nowadays represents an indispensable symbol of the island.

Olive groves on the island Bra? are still cultivated in a traditional way, which is passed down from generation to generation. The most common cultivars are the old varieties, which are used to produce olive oil, and the cultivars used as table olives can be found in a very small number. Traditional olive trees can be identified by a high treetop with poor foliage. On island Bra?, olives are harvested between mid-October and mid-December, when all inhabitants go to harvest. The fruit is processed the same day, or a day/two after the harvest.

Olive oil made in Bra? is not just a food and spice in the kitchen: it is a medicament and also a cosmetic preparation. It is distinctive because of its specific, fruity aroma of moderate bitterness, pleasant fragrance and healthy green fruits, and because of its properties, it is valued as extra quality or virgin olive oil.

Unlike wine, which improves with age, olive oil deteriorates and loses its quality by ageing, so this oil is best to use up to one year after production.
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