Hotel Bra?ka Perla

Hotel Bra?ka Perla

Book a luxury suite accommodation in Supetar, on the island of Bra? Hotel accommodation Bra?ka Perla in Supetar, on the island of Bra?, offers: 6 fascinating suites...

Free trip to Croatia

Free trip to Croatia

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Participate in the production of various kinds of rakia, Dalmatian „natural cure“

Brandy is, according to almost all Dalmatian people, classified into a category of natural medicines and secret traditional weapons against many illnesses, along with olive oil, garlic, honey and other homemade products.

If you complain to anyone in this area about your stomach ache, cold, flu or other similar illness, most of people will tell you, that for afore-mentioned there is no better medicine than brandy.

Brandy will kill all bacteria and viruses, if there are any in your body, and is recommended for muscle pain and disinfection of wounds, in which case it is used externally (although many people forget that).

It fits perfectly as an aperitif, for morning awaking, with cheese and prosciutto, before and after lunch, in the evening with wine or beer; it helps you fall asleep easily, helps you forget and helps you laugh. However, if you hadn’t been drinking homemade brandy, you hadn’t been drinking brandy at all!

On the eco-farm Bra?ka Perla we produce different types of brandys, and we are especially proud of our loza and herb brandy.

Just like all other liqueurs, this one is also made from our loza (grape brandy). The only difference is that, besides sugar, we put a wild pomegranate into the brandy. After it matures under the sun for a certain time, and few more days in the dark after that, we get a liqueur rich in vitamin C, which has beautiful orange colour and unique, sweet taste.
In case you are staying during fall in the agro resort Bra?ka Perla, you should walk through our colourful orchard, where, among other fruit, mandarins ripen at this time of year. Feel free to pick few fruits and eat them after delicious lunch, but if you do so, please don’t throw away the rind. Namely, we put mandarin rind along with sugar into the brandy and let it settle, and the result is sweet liqueur that has orange colour and, of course, the aroma of mandarin.
Lemon liqueur is especially popular among our guests, and apart from having an excellent taste, it is a remarkable "guardian of health." Namely, taking into account that we get this liqueur by adding our own, domestically and ecologically grown lemons, which ripen under Dalmatian sun and are rich in vitamin C, into our own, also homemade, loza (grape brandy), these two ingredients are an ideal combination for killing bacteria in your body.
Sour cherries ripened on the eco-farm Bra?ka Perla are added to loza (brandy) with adding sugar to it, after which we expose prepared drink to sunlight for a certain time. In this way we get sour cherry liqueur, a dark-red sweet beverage with strong flavour, which is especially popular among ladies. Višnjevac is generally considered a liqueur, but it can also be rich in alcohol, just like any type of brandy.
Walnut liqueur is well-known in all parts of Croatia, but the special quality has Dalmatian one, which is made from the finest Loza (fruit brandy made from grapes), enriched with walnut, and which awaits its maturity time in Dalmatian sun.  It is dark brown in colour, whose intensity depends on how long the nuts are left in the brandy, and has bitter-sweet taste. Walnut liqueur is particularly popular with "balote" players, who drink a glass of this liqueur to toast to victory (and those "more resistant" even to each point) and with the farmers of Bra?, who use it to "clean the throat" after a whole day farming.
There are countless types of herb brandies - about as many as various medicinal herbs and villages in Dalmatia. When one says that brandy acts like a medicine, it’s primarily referred to the herb brandy, because of medicinal herbs it contains and because of the fact that you will forget about all the pain, if you drink it in a little larger quantity. There are various types of herbs that are used in production of herb brandy, and the most common is Common Rue (also known as Herb-of-Grace). Mint, lavender, sage, rosemary and similar herbs are also used, but to obtain medicinal herb brandy, one mostly uses woodworm. Because of different herb types, the colour of herb brandy varies from yellowish to greenish, and the intensity of the aroma and taste depends on how long the herb is left in the bottle. On the eco-farm Bra?ka Perla, herb brandy is made from medicinal and aromatic herbs grown in our garden, and a special treat is if it’s consumed with fresh or dried figs.

Apart from brandies, we also produce a variety of liqueurs, which are obtained by enriching rakia (brandy) with sugar and various kinds of fruit. Among the guests of Bra?ka Perla, the most popular liqueurs are walnut, sour cherry, lemon, mandarin and pomegranate liqueur.

Good loza is difficult to find, since it’s often refined with herbs. It is very useful in curing toothache - nothing will numb the tooth better than one, two or three glasses of loza. Also, we guarantee it will help you with abdominal pain, especially if you have eaten something greasy or of bad quality, because it will dissolve all harmful (and harmless) substances in seconds. However, be careful with it: excessive drinking could be worse than any so far! Loza is produced by distilling preparations of quality Dalmatian grape varieties. The traditional way of distillation, as well as storage in special conditions, give this brandy a distinct taste, which is the result of base-rich Dalmatian grape varieties.
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