• Use of this website’s contents – all of this website’s contents are the exclusive property of “Bračka  Perla“ and hence cannot be used without our consent.
  • Booking and payment methods – you can make all bookings and enquiries via our website, fax machine, post office, e-mail or in person by coming to the reception. You need to present your booking confirmation at the check in to “Bračka Perla”.
  • Service prices – they represent the price per room/per day or per person/per day, as stated in the price list. Additional services should be ordered separately at the booking. “Bračka Perla” reserves the right to change the prices without prior notification.
  • The right of “Bračka perla” to change and cancel reservations – “Bračka Perla” reserves the right to change the reservation or the manner of providing services at any time, should the circumstances beyond our control appear that cannot be predicted, avoided or postponed.


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